An inspiring story behind the project “ANIMA Educa”

16 de February de 2019


We were thrilled to read Augusto Estefan’s story at El País Newspaper a few weeks ago. Augusto is an ANIMA Educa graduated student, a program that seeks to prepare and motivate high school students who want to pursue a career in technology.

Augusto started in Pyxis as an intern, and he is now an official member of our company, at only 20 years old. When he was around 16 he dropped out of school because the classes weren’t attractive at all, he says. He didn’t have a work then, either.

A couple of years later, his mother found out about ANIMA, which is a free- high school senior program focused on technology and so she encouraged him to apply. He did and succeed and today, he couldn’t be happier about all the things he’s achieved. He is proud to work at Pyxis, as much as we are happy to have him. He even represented us on a recent trip to Buenos Aires. Besides working here, he is studying at ORT University to become a Systems Analist.

We feel proud to support projects like ANIMA, and this is only one of the many successful stories behind this project. Having Augusto here is not only good for our company services, but most importantly, an inspiration and a reminder that, no matter what you do or where you come from, you can always do what you love.

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16 de February de 2019