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B2B Systems for collection and payment companies

28 de January de 2019


Solution: B2B Systems

Industry: collections and payments

Localization: Uruguay

A leading company in the area of transactional market of collection and payment was facing the digital economy challenges, which demands the constant incorporation of new business partners. We did a consultancy that derived in the development of B2B systems, among other projects.

Initial situation

The project started in 2013 through a consultancy. We assumed this task and quickly developed a diagnose that allowed help our client identifying the best practices and work lines to follow at the time of executing business to business projects.

When someone makes an operation, the employee attending the person needs access to the transactions platform and, from there, he needs access to the company’s -or institution- system related to the payment people want to make. For that, both systems have to be integrated. These connections are known as B2B, “Business to Business”.

The solution

We developed B2B systems that allow integrating business partners to the transactional core of the company.

About Java technology, these systems materialize and speed up the transactions between companies. They also increment the volume on a daily basis and expand our client’s business. More than 1700 partners coexist in the company’s transactional core. Among them, financial and tributary institutions, real estate, telephone and public services.

Commission System

In parallel to the initial project, and with an increasingly stronger relationship with our client, we established the need to grant new functionalities to the commission system they were applying. That way, greater agility was gained in order to go together with the business new requirements.

We got deeply involved with the system they were using at that time and managed to optimize the process through a generic solution with new options to calculate the commissions they charge they business partners for the services provided. Likewise, improvements were made in the system’s performance, which decreased the time destined to calculate the monthly invoicing rom 24 hours to 4.

New Projects

At the beginning of 2017, the business area entrusts us a new project: develop solutions for the collectives system.

Traditionally the collectives work as a simple mechanism to raise money with different purposes, whether it is for a donation or a celebration. When starting a collective, the interested party opens an account that allows that anyone can deposit money. When they close it, the accumulated sum is withdrawn in cash.

The company’s goal was to add a new modality that allows the client issue a voucher for a determined sum and redeem it for products or services from merchants attached. This modality implies new technological requirements that must keep in mind the issuance and exchange of vouchers, such as the integration of the new business in the company’s accounting systems.

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28 de January de 2019