Commercial mission to Belgium

20 de April de 2019


Building bridges and start exploring business together: those were the main goals of the commercial mission to Belgium, which Pyxis and Idatha took part in, together with GeneXus and Xmartlabs. This activity was organized by the Belgium Embassy, who chose 4 uruguayan companies from the technology area to travel to Brussels between april the 22nd and the 25th so they could do networking with different companies from the TIC’s sector.

“We came home very excited, willing to make the most of everything we learnt and everyone we met”, tells Sebastián García (Idatha), who traveled together with Diego Sastre (Pyxis).

He tells that, besides from the contacts, they got to know the investment facilities to settle in Belgium. The fact is that Brussel’s got a great competitive advantage over other european regions, and that’s why the city seeks to consolidate itself as an important IT actor in international business.

“It’s a very interesting market with good opportunities, not only for working in Belgium but also as a gateway to the rest of Europe”, highlights Sebastián.

The embassy’s main objective was encouraging the two countries to start making contacts and generating strategic bonds, which, according to Sebastian “are practically nonexistent, there is almost no commercial activity in the IT sector between Uruguay and Belgium”.

The mission successfully reached its goal of generating links and connections between the two countries. Plus, the 4 invited uruguayan companies had the chance to introduce themselves and their value proposal. Besides, there were also private sessions between companies who “chose” each other. “Those were very productive meetings”, says Sebastián. “We got to meet AI, security, e- commerce and IoT companies. We look forward to keep establishing bonds and connections with them and witness where we go from here on”.

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20 de April de 2019