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Development and implement of an e-commerce robust and integral platform

28 de January de 2019


Solution: e-commerce

Industry: optics and photography

Localization: United States

After analyzing the market trends, our client decided to launch its e-commerce platform, a model that was in full development in 2013, when we started working together. They needed independent sites where to offer their different business lines, such as photographic cameras and sports optics ones. Our client trusted us to dabble in the digital business, with the functionalities and sturdiness of the SAP Hybris technology.

Initial situation

Although the client already counted with an own site, it worked exclusively as a query space, where one could get information about the products and its specifications, such as getting to know the latest news about their releases.

Their new bet pointed not only to the online selling of cameras, but also to its sports optic section: glasses, viewers, binoculars and the entire optical branch was part of the plan. They were also looking for a higher visibility towards the sale of spare parts for their equipments.

The solution

We elaborate a proposal destined to create three integrated sites inside de SAP Hybris platform. We sat the goal of reducing costs, respecting the previous site’s style and usability in order to facilitate the user’s transactions.

Constant improvement

Once the sites were developed, we went through a year and a half stage destined to boost them. Being an incipient business, new improvement opportunities emerged every day.

The pre order modality was included, allowing the clients to book a product even before its fabrication. We also focused on customer service, providing tools to speed up the telephone service. Due to the existing great demand, going deep in this aspect was crucial. Thanks to the Hybris technology implementation, the customer service representative has all the product and sales information at his disposal when attending a query.

Also, specific improvements were made during this stage, such as the incorporation of online sale for photography classes and software products.

Work together with our client’s headquarters in Brazil

In 2014, the brazilian headquarters decided to join the e-commerce business. Although in a beginning the project consisted on the development of a brand new platform, it was decided then that the brazilian site was part of the existing platform. The challenge, then, was incorporating a fourth site, with the particularity that it belonged to a different country and region.

The internal growth allowed a good management of online sales, which derived in operative decisions that aimed to expand the site’s impact. It was so that they entrusted us with a series of improvements, such as the authorization of corporate purchases in photography equipments, the integration with the address verification system and the support for pre and back order products.

Adaptation to the local market

During all stages of the process, the comprehension of the regional specificities was fundamental. For example, while in the United States the purchases were made using always a debit or credit card, Brazil has another payment method called “boleto bancario” (bank ticket), which had to adapt in order to operate in the new online store.

We also faced the need of developing the payment processor (in charge of authorizing online payments). During the first stage, the four platform sites were using the same processor, until Brazil opted for a change in order to reduce its operating costs. It was necessary, then, to determinate the best strategy for both processors to coexist in the same environment, a thing that is not possible- by default- in the Hybris platform.

It was so that we thought of a modularized solution and, in a short time, we were able to set the production. Now, both processors coexist in the same Hybris instance.

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28 de January de 2019