DevOps in digital transformation

29 de August de 2017


Many companies and their IT departments are in the process of evolving from serving internal management systems to a growing set of customer service applications that incorporate other types of more demanding features and services.

In Pyxis we propose to help in the process of evolution to meet current and future requirements, particularly with customer service applications, taking advantage of the benefits obtained by incorporating processes of integration and continuous development. These practices will improve the application deployment times, decreasing the time to market “and providing scalable and more available solutions. All this translates into an improvement in quality.

To support this process, we invite you to introduce DevOps techniques, application architecture revision processes in organizations. It’s about training teams in these practices.

A very practical approach includes reviews, multidisciplinary teams and agile methodologies.

One way to approach it is to draw a roadmap, to work on an application in a real project, and to start with the gradual implementation of the processes, always trying to work together as a team.

In the context of digital transformation, these practices will have a greater return and faster in the systems oriented to the final client, but their adoption will result in an improvement in general.

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29 de August de 2017