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15 de March de 2019


We invited every company’s referents to summarize the most relevant aspects of 2018, as well as what is to come in 2019. Don’t miss out everything they have to tell us: Guayoyo, Idatha, Kinetix, Conexio, Catalyst, MaS Soluciones and Sacapuntas.


Idatha specializes in data analysis and processing. They focus their work on automatic learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing areas.

“In its vertical engineering, IDATHA keeps on strengthening its capacities in image processing (Computer Vision), working on projects of bigger technical complexity and impact towards the client’s business”, explains Sebastián García.

On the other hand, also facing 2019, Idatha seeks to progress in the consolidation of its products, particularly on KYBALION, an AI platform. In this sense, Montevideo’s city hall acquired the product’s license this year.

In the SBI vertical, that covers the social media monitoring services, they will keep working on the verticalization of the solution in specific industries and domains, giving the service more added value.


Kinetix is a start up created with the purpose of serving the Telcos business. It builds customized solutions combining mobile technological capabilities with artificial intelligence and big data.

“2018 had been very motivating year, with growth both in teams and projects. 2019 has started at full speed and finds us working on several action lines, at both local and international level, in Telco industry areas of much interest to us”, says Nicolás Scaglione.

Kinetix participates, for the third consecutive year, of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the biggest mobile event that gathers about 800 operators from all over the world and more than 2 thousand companies of the mobile ecosystem, including device manufacturers, software companies, internet equipment and service providers. It is a fundamental space to upgrade the look on all of the advances and identifying the challenges the industry is facing.

Kinetix expects a “very intense” 2019, with lots of execution work in development services and attractive opportunities with the industry’s internacional partners.

“We will be facing- with a lot of enthusiasm- a lot of technological challenges as well as a big exploration of new business models”, adds Nicolás.


Guayoyo provides solutions focused on enhancing cyber security processes, with a direct impact in the operations that allow the companies face new challenges.

“2018 was a year of great growth for us. We took part in international events such as the CyberSecurity Summer Bootcamp in the city of León, Spain (see coverage), the Eko Party Security Conference in Buenos Aires, and other events regarding cyber security. We organized activities in Bogotá, Medellín and Montevideo, and also a workshop on web security for web and mobile applications for clients”, explains Edgar Salazar.

Guayoyo launched the the making of for their HowlerMonkey, a service that alerts and shares cyber vulnerabilities in real time. The project obtained a second financing from ANII.

Also, the team keeps in growing, and the idea for this 2919 is to expand the offer, framed in the SPEC vision (Security Prevention & Early Contention), deploy the service for DevSecOps, and consolidate the intelligent security operations system. In order to do this, a sinergia with Idatha and Pyxinfra was created. At the same time, they will continue with the commercial visits to target markets (Uruguay, Chile and Colombia) and the company will bet more on synergy with the different actors of the Pyxis environment.


Conexio is an IT service consulting company, focused on the web content management technology.

“We grew a lot as a team in 2018, we passed the barrier of 30 people, enlarging the team in both Uruguay and in our second location, Guatemala”, explains Juan Diego Martínez.

We got our first final client as we kept working with the agencies. “This year we are going big. We project to keep on growing as a team and add new projects”, adds Martínez.


Catalyst provides global solutions in telecommunications. Their services include testing, product validation, rapid prototypes, outsourcing and purchase processes, among others.

“In Catalyst we have ended a great 2018 where we received a great feedback from our clients for the tasks we completed, where our collaboration for the transmission of contents during the world soccer cup in Russia stood out. This fills us up with pride and challenges us to get even better”, says Alejandro Rettig.

For this 2019, the goal is to continue accompanying the client’s needs with a special focus on automation and geographical redundancy in order to become more efficient and improve the managed services availability.


MaS Soluciones is an alliance of 4 companies (AT, Pyxis, UruIt and Nublit) that covers the entire range of Microsoft solutions.

“2018 was a year of great synergy, achieving the get together of high performance teams, both in the organization of technology diffusion events such as consulting and advanced support for clients”, explains Gonzalo Lupi.

This year, MaS will promote the commercialization of online Microsoft services through CSP, centralizing all the commercial management”. It will deepen, also, in digital marketing in order to reach a bigger market with our offer.


Sacapuntas is a communications and marketing agency that develops tailored proposals for brands and institutions providing global communication plans.

“During 2018 we had big and challenging projects. To our traditional activities with Pyxis and other customers, other very interesting projects came up. On one had, Quanam relied on us for their 30th anniversary, with the generation of content and the event organization. Agesic and Pepsi opened their doors to us to work on team- building tailored events, among others. We also managed digital marketing campaigns for important technology brands”, tells Mauricio Yamuy.

The idea for 2019 is to keep on strengthening the co- construction proposals of culture in internal communication, the team building dynamics referring to events, and the development of landing pages and digital campaigns for branding and targeting.

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15 de March de 2019