Global Agenda 2017: main events of the year

11 de April de 2018


This year we participated in the most important events of our main suppliers to learn firsthand their developments in terms of solutions and strategy. Instances that were also excellent for strengthening alliances and generating new opportunities.

We invite you to review some of the most outstanding events.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

More than 100,000 people from 208 countries participated in the MWC last February in Barcelona.

Organizations of mobile technologies, operators and industries interested in the mobile market (automotive, advertising, banking, health, non-governmental entities, entertainment and education) presented their ideas, proposals and applications of mobile technologies to these industries, in the largest mobile event of the world.

This edition showed how the strength of mobile technology is behind every emerging innovation: smart cars, virtual reality, the latest cell phone models of the main brands and new application ideas and other mobile solutions were the focus of the meeting.

Microsoft Inspire 2017

In July we traveled together with the MaS Soluciones team in Washington to participate in the annual partners’ event where we received, for the second year in a row, the Country Partner of the Year award.

In the Inspire 2017, several new features of Microsoft’s strategy for the next fiscal year were presented and the role of partners as strategic business partners was highlighted. “Together we are building the future collectively,” said Satya Nadela, CEO of Microsoft, in the speech that kicked off the event.

Sap Hybris Live: Global Summit Barcelona

We participate in the annual meeting organized by SAP that brings together managers, customers, partners, experts and IT professionals from around the world.

The objective with which the event is organized year after year is to analyze the current universe of available data and the role they play to revolutionize the customer experience. In this instance, there were sessions related to the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and microservices, among other topics.

“From the commercial point of view, this event represented an excellent opportunity to contact potential customers and the SAP teams that are usually brought to us by customers. In the same place, you can make contact with people from different regions, see what they are and what are the potential businesses that may arise in the future “, said Alejandro Dupont, Commercial Manager of Pyxis Chile. Read more.

Smart City Expo World Congress

More than 18,000 people participated in the seventh edition of the smart cities summit that brought together more than 700 cities from the five continents, 675 exhibitors and more than 400 speakers.

For the first time, Montevideo had its pavilion in an exhibition space of more than 60 square meters, in which Pyxis participated together with 7 state and private companies in Uruguay. The Uruguay pavilion showed the progress of ICTs in the country, especially applied to the development of Smart Cities.

David Hahn and Sebastián García from Pyxis traveled to present the concept of Digital Proximity. A project with the agency Amen and Equipos Consultores for the city hall of Montevideo. Read more.

VM World

VMworld is VMware’s premier meeting for professionals in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technologies. Instance in which last tendencies in technology are put on the table.

Event highlighted by the words of VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, who emphasized technology-driven models that are restructuring not only the way we work, but the way we live. He reminded everyone of the goal of VMware: connecting people to applications and services to join innovation silos, creating even greater results, something that we all must take into account.

AWS Reinvent, AWS users annual meeting in Las Vegas

ReInvent is the largest global conference on cloud computing. It is the meeting in which each year AWS announces new services and features to the service offer.

In addition, during the conference days, courses and trainings were offered in architecture, continuous deployment, monitoring and administration, performance, security, migration and other services in the cloud.

Within this framework some of the new services that were presented were: Amazon ECS for Kubernetes (EKS), AWS Fargate, Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances, Amazon Aurora Multi-Master, Amazon DynamoDB Global Tables, AWS Serverless Application Repository, among others. Meet them in the first person

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11 de April de 2018