Our ecosystem’s balance of 2017

26 de December de 2017


We share some of the main milestones during 2017 of the companies that compose Pyxisportal:  

Since 2017, Pyxis offers to the Uruguayan market all the SAP Hybris Commerce and Marketing tools as a value added reseller (SAP VAR). With more than five years of experience implementing e-commerce and marketing solutions (e-commerce portals) from Uruguay to Europe, North America and Latin America, Pyxis is positioned as a strategic partner in Uruguay and the region. One of the main advantages of working with a value-added reseller (VAR) is the guarantee it implies when executing high-end projects. 

 PyxInfra, was strongly positioned in Cloud and DevOps during 2017, with a focus on working with both national and international clients. At the same time, it continued strengthening its ties with historical clients, betting that each year the value of its technological platforms would increase, according to the challenges that digital transformation entails. Also, it did a great job in the collaboration and synergy with other members of the Pyxis´s Ecosystem, in the execution of several projects together with Pyxis, Idatha and Kinetix, among others. And, following the tradition of sharing acquired knowledge, it consolidated a section in the blog, specific to technical articles that you can visit here. 

Idatha, together with Pyxis, the Amen Agency and Equipos Consultores, started a project of Digital Proximity for the city hall of Montevideo. It is an estimated two-year project based on the development of an active listening tool for citizens that combines the monitoring of social networks with information from organizations to assist in the decision making of the government. 

MaS Soluciones was consolidated as Microsoft Partner of the Year by Uruguay, for the second consecutive year. It has a strong commitment to synergy among the companies that compose the alliance. With a 111% annual growth in the commercialization of Business Contracts, 30% of the Shared Market of Enterprise Agreements and 92% of new commercial contracts of Azure’s Enterprise Agreements, it is the most complete partner in providing Microsoft solutions in our country. 

Conexio Group obtained the recognition Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) specialized partner in the Americas, “the best of the best in the Adobe Partner ecosystem”. This was after reaching the required number of technical certifications and having multiple implementations of successful clients. 

Kinetix joined the ecosystem this year. The technology company was born in Uruguay with international projection, created with the purpose of serving the business of Telecommunications and cooperatives with Government and Private Organizations in the transformation of their processes through IoT (Internet of Things). Its value proposition is based on the combination of knowledge and experience in communication technologies, management of large projects, business development, long-term relationships with world-class suppliers. and in the integration of the capabilities of the Pyxian ecosystem in software development, managed services and analytics. 

GuayoyoLabs is another company that joined the ecosystem in 2017. Guayoyo was founded in 2016 specialized in software development, computer security and systems administration. It delivers solutions focused on improving processes and activities within IT teams to help face new challenges. Throughout the year, it has consolidated its HowlerMonkey solution, a service that alerts and shares computer vulnerabilities in real time for companies with technology equipment. 

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26 de December de 2017