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PCM and Marketing implementation with C/4 Hana

4 de January de 2019


Solution: PCM and Marketing with C/4 Hana

Industry: Retail

Geographic location: City of Mexico and Monterrey, Mexico.


This client controls big department stores, with presence all over Mexico and an important participation in the selling of retail sale and general goods. It is oriented to low and medium segments and its main hallmark are low prices.

Initial situation:

The client goes to Pyxis after the recommendation of SAP in Monterrey. In july 2017, we had a first meeting in order to understand which were its biggest needs. The client already used SAP, but their website presented a series of limitations. They had issue with product management and customer service.

The solution:

We started evaluating all the C/4HANA in order to come to a solution for the problematic. We helped them set up the complete project that included PCM (Product Content Management) and Marketing. PCM presents itself as an integral solution for the product information management that allows to consolidate and manage, in a centralized way, the information and attributes in every channel, favoring a strong multichannel management.

The C/4HANA with the SAP ERP communication was made through Datahub, which was a big challenge to connect SAP with retail. It was a modality we had never experimented, and turned out successfully.

On the other hand, we left the marketing platform already working, with everything that refers to email, SMS and mobile app integration. Soon we will work on social media. This first implementation stage is done and we are currently working on the post production support stage.

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4 de January de 2019