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28 de February de 2018


“Since we created Pyxis and from the vertiginous growth we had in Uruguay, we thought about trying our cultural formula, both to build teams and to provide services abroad,” explains our director Gerardo Valeri.

In recent years, with the consolidation of our team in Medellín, “the dream was materializing and there are already about 20 Uruguayans working outside of Uruguay,” Gejo tells us. Our offices in Santiago de Chile and Guadalajara are added to our headquarters in Medellin.

In that sense, this year will mark important milestones. In the next few days four members of the team installed in Montevideo leave to officially open the New York headquarters, continue to grow in Medellín and approach clients in Mexico D.F.

Pyxis lands in New York

Leandro Bertolami, an expert architect in the Hybris e-commerce area, left on Monday, February 26, in New York with a mission: to continue and strengthen Pyxis’ relationships with customers and promote new business opportunities. He takes on the challenge with great enthusiasm because he understands that it will help him to continue growing.

In addition to working closely, from the Arvato offices, in the projects he is currently working on, Leandro will be focused on business development tasks. “The objective is to explore other lines of work that we can exploit, not only at the level of e-commerce but also at Pyxis in general, at the ecosystem level. The idea is to try to generate synergies with the Pyxis ecosystem. First with Arvato and then with other clients that we have been visiting in the last time”, Leandro explains.

Leandro is very happy with the new challenge. Highlights the support you feel. “I can go with confidence and tranquility knowing that on this side I have a back that supports what is necessary.”

The Medellín office: a team that keeps growing

Clara Baraibar and Brian Hill will settle in Medellín for a while to contribute their bit in the construction of the Pyxian culture in Colombia and take advantage of the experience of working in another country. “Our culture is formed with the contributions and customs of each place and with the inevitable ingredient that the Uruguayan Pyxians who have been with us from the origins, such as Clara and Brian, carry in their DNA,” adds Gerardo.

“This mix is ​​what allows us to continue replicating our culture, at the same time that it incorporates what is specific to each place.” It is a great joy for Pyxis to have the collaboration of Clara and Brian in the Medellín office, “Gejo tells us, Medellin now has 16 people and from there works for 5 projects and several services where the DevOps team occupies a central role.

Regarding the opportunity to travel to another location, Brian and Clara appreciate the possibility of taking advantage of the experience. “It’s very difficult for you to get an opportunity to go to work in another country in this way,” Brian tells us. “That they give you that possibility, and with the help you give us from Pyxis, it’s great,” adds Clara.

Landing of Santiago Márquez in Mexico City to be closer and closer to our customers

Santiago travels to Mexico City in the coming days and he will work in person for our client Femsa.

In his professional career, Santi adds an artistic dream: he develops his musical career. And it is in Mexico where I found the opportunity to grow and get closer and closer to your goal.

“If the professional career is very important in my life,” the musical part is my dream. That someone bets and also invests in part to your dream, has no price, “says Santi when evaluating the impact of this new experience in his professional career that the position in Mexico City.

For Pyxis, “represents the opportunity to accompany him in this journey, while he will be prepared for the development and growth of our business from the DF”, explains Valeri. “The Pyxian machine to create dreams continues to work,” adds Gejo when contextualizing Santi’s trip to Mexico.

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28 de February de 2018