Pyxis: 10 year journey

10 de May de 2019


10 years ago, three friends passionate about technology – Diego Sastre, Gerardo Valeri and Ignacio Duarte –  created Pyxis. They pursued their dream of helping companies innovate and be digitally present in today’s constantly changing world.  Today, Pyxis employs over 250 people across South and North America.

The word Pyxis means “Mariner’s compass” in Latin and our journey stands for “always finding a way”, both for us and for our customers.

The first area that we dived into was hybris, way before it was acquired by SAP. In 2012 we completed our first hybris project and that set the stage for the upcoming years, where e-commerce became our focus and our passion.

As time passed, we started adding new practices and experimenting with new technologies. Today, Pyxis is an ecosystem of over 10 companies, focusing on a variety of topics: C4 Hana, Machine Learning, Big Data, DevOps and Managed Services, all with one purpose: helping our clients deliver better and more sustainable businesses around the globe.

What makes us different:
Thinking independently while working as a team is our recipe for success. We try, we fail, we try again and then we succeed. True passion and synergy is at the core of everything we do and success comes from the successes of our clients. We treasure our relationships, love what we do, value and respect our partners.

What is our expertise:
E-commerce is a religion we all share today. Helping our customers create memorable digital experiences, helping them to stay competitive where every day brings a new innovation that threatens their existence. We also carve together lasting success recipes.

What are our products and services:
SAP Commerce Cloud (hybris), SAP Marketing Cloud, Adobe AEM, DevOps, Big Data, Machine Learning, Managed Services.

When and where can you can meet Pyxis:
Our next stop is SAP Sapphire in Orlando.

Why should you talk to us:
Whether it is Montevideo, Medellin, New York or Santiago de Chile,  we have a network of amazing friends and experts – fun, knowledgeable and professional. You can benefit from it!

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10 de May de 2019