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Pyxis Inspiring generation of future leaders through our CSR programs


23 de September de 2020


Passion and cause connects people, continents, companies, universities. This was exactly the case last week, when group of students from Moscow’s RANEPA University participated in virtual session with our teams from Uruguay and New York to learn about CSR programs supported by Pyxis.

Brand awareness, employee satisfaction, additional revenue. This is not a myth. Responsible businesses command attention.

CSR initiatives at Pyxis started shortly after launch of the company in 2011. Since then, hundreds of people participated in our programs. Programs are varied and target various groups of population that needs assistance. From one side our employees volunteer their time, skills and knowledge, from the other side Pyxis makes a contribution by allowing employees to dedicate their time during work hours on those programs.

Here’re few of the many initiatives:

  • Helping population of 50+ to reintegrate into job market. They learn new skills and technology that allows them to be marketable again.
  • Online courses for those who are far from the capital and cannot attend them in person.
  • Working with underprivileged groups of population. Tech skills, internships within Pyxis, career coaching and a lot more.
  • Success of those speaks for itself. Many of the “graduates” of those programs are now employees at Pyxis.

Last year we signed a partnership with SAP Next-Gen and many new initiatives, which will bring together Universities, SAP, StartUps and innovative companies to work on projects with Purpose are underway.

To summarize, great organizations don’t just drive profits they help those in need and they change the course of industries and sometimes our lives in process.

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23 de September de 2020