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20 de April de 2018


by Martín Machín.

New York, March 2018.

Last months started with lot of work in the new US operations of Pyxis in New York City. Setting up the new space, boosting existing partnerships, developing new ones, and starting to find customer needs that could be attended with our services. Since the original Hybris commerce application we started with in 2012, we are now talking about commerce B2C, B2B, B2B2C, data integration, marketing and how to acquire and retain customers in the omnichannel world.

At the same time, we were going live with SAP Hybris Marketing in a Latin American customer, we were discussing with several partners the opportunities with this tool in the US market.

This is a strong tool to develop digital marketing campaigns with a deep knowledge of each client. Briefly, a suite that consolidates strong capabilities of segmentation and data analytics, planning and execution of on-line omnichannel campaigns. The customers will be benefited with contextualization to personalize marketing actions and offers, focus in segmentation, analytics capabilities and a fill omnichannel coverage. This can be achieved thanks to the combination of multiple internal and external data sources.

The customers can start the SAP Hybris Marketing journey very quickly with the SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solutions) methodology, going live and then continue with the execution of a strong marketing strategy.

Pyxis has developed a very strong partnership with SAP in Latin America, with different units who led us not only to do implementations in that region but in USA and Europe. These months we have been working actively to develop and strengthen this relationship in North America. It is very interesting to go to the SAP flagship New York location in Hudson Yards, meet the Hybris team and see all the innovative solutions where the Hybris suite plays an important role. Actually, Hybris Labs exposes several prototypes in the SAP Next-Gen NYC, an innovation platform for the SAP ecosystem enabling companies, partners and universities to connect and innovate with purpose linked to the UN Global Goals. You can see demos of the Bullseye and Infinite Cart, Pepper Instore Assistance, Expose, and Signal. And happy to see the new versions of the hybris smart wine shelf and technologies we used to code in the earlier Changing Room.

All this technology is having a very strong cloud computing focus. All new things are running on the cloud and Pyxis is also prepared to help companies to navigate this journey. Either start in the cloud, or work from a premise infrastructure and its progressive migration to the cloud.

March snow storms did not stop us to have very good ecommerce and digital marketing discussions in several New York towers, in offices not below floor 40th. And we discussed how we can help customers to use top tools from Gartner’s magic quadrant, like SAP hybris portfolio, Adobe Marketing Cloud or Sitecore, to acquire new customers, retain them and make them repeat purchases. What’s the customer business scenario and its challenges, and how we can come with a technology solution for that. Lot of things to discuss and discover in environments like the SAP Hybris Innovation MeetUp, the Sitecore Digital Destiny New York, and the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.

As part of Pyxis ecosystem with Adobe and Sitecore services, the Conexio Group team joined us in New York as well, visiting digital agencies and new customers in both New York and New Jersey. Before its fly back to San Francisco, we had time for a recap meeting with them in Flora Coffee, in the MET Breuer, with the touch of the Uruguayan Ignacio Mattos Noya as the chef and co-owner.

Finally, from service delivery perspective, now the project reviews with customers have a local liason, and that’s a key enhancement strengthening the relationship with the customers and the nearshore delivery model. But, at the same time, it will emerge a conversation about how we can help companies to thrive their business in the evolving digital world landscape.

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20 de April de 2018