PYXISPORTAL: A great bet on synergy and collaboration

26 de December de 2017


A great bet on synergy and collaboration 

Since our birth, in 2009, we are committed to generating an ecosystem of companies based on the concept “coopetition”. Starting from the base of eradicating the word of “competition”. Instead, we decided to bet on partnerships and collaboration with colleagues to push the collective growth of the sector. 

Through this ecosystem, we have more than 10 business units (Pyxis, Pyxinfra, Idatha, Catalyst, Kinetix, Guayoyo Labs, MaS, Conexio, among others). Today we are more than 200 people located in our headquarters in Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, Medellin, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City and soon New York. 

We are convinced that by incorporating different companies into the Ecosystem, we achieve a more consistent value proposition with multiple capabilities to accompany the life cycle of any project. This allows us to deliver integral and innovative solutions and, in this way, support our business partners to overcome the challenges demanded by a world in full digital transformation.  

This way of operating is our reason for being. Central part of our culture is based on collaboration and teamwork. A business model based on enjoyable professional work, a vocation for service and synergy. A philosophy that is synthesized in the following formula: 

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26 de December de 2017