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Research: space of interaction between industry and academy

27 de November de 2017


por Lucía Massa. Communications Manager

“To improve, you have to innovate. To innovate in IT it is necessary to investigate. And to investigate you have to go to the Academy. That is the starting point of Research and therefore the interest to integrate Industry and Academia”, said Diego Sastre, CEO of Pyxis, in the celebration for the 50th anniversary of The Computer Science Institute (Fing, UdelaR). In connection with the festivities, which took place on November 21 and 22, Pyxis presented the talk “Synergy between industry and academy” and focused on the birth of Research as a natural space for cooperation and collaboration between the two sectors.

In the talk, presented by Diego Sastre and Diego Garat (Responsible for the Research Process), the goals, main lines of work and tools of this process were presented, whose main objective is to promote research within Pyxis and its ecosystem.

For Sastre, who recalled his passage through the university as a “student and former teacher”, it is essential that companies promote postgraduate studies among its members. “We have to help professionals to continue in the academic world without leaving the industry.”

The Research process was formally born in March 2016 with the incorporation of Diego Garat as its responsible. Garat, adjunct professor grade 3, member of the Natural Language Processing Group, detailed the 3 main work lines of Research. “The program includes three basic tools: the promotion of postgraduate studies and end-of-career projects, and the internal dissemination of knowledge.”

With focus on “bringing the academy to Pyxis … and vice versa”, the central objective of Research is to promote postgraduate studies. How is this objective worked? Through a pack of hours to study at work. In this sense, Garat added that the amount of hours assigned to each person depends on “the duration of the study program, the degree of progress and the impact of the results in Pyxis”. This “bag of hours” can be used from two to three years. The graduate programs that are already underway address topics such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Optimization.

Regarding final degree projects, Research offers support with hours of work, tutorials and materials, etc. It promotes external projects in universities with an academic tutor and one from Pyxis, with both Pyxis and external members.

The third branch of research is the dissemination of knowledge. In this context, the premise is to collaborate to share knowledge among members of the ecosystem. Technological talks of internal diffusion are held and a great annual event called Open Tech in which the doors open to colleagues and academia.

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27 de November de 2017