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SAP customer experience in Barcelona

27 de December de 2018


At Pyxis customer loyalty is what we strive for. And Customer Loyalty was at the core of last week’s SAP Customer Experience in Barcelona. Help me move fast, Help me remove silos and Help me be compliant. Simple statements, which require hard work and complex systems.

Through variety of diverse, sophisticated and sleek products, SAP makes it possible to connect physical with digital and we are proud to be part of this journey. We have enjoyed networking, gained valuable insights from the brightest minds and took tangible takeaways. Immense amount of work goes into producing high-caliber events like the one last week and success happens when individuals passionate about their work and their vision come together. That was the spirit of SAP CX Live for 48 hours in Barcelona.

Pioneering is in our blood and our new challenge is to master SAP Customer Data Cloud (Gigya).

Gigya is now part of SAP as Customer Data Cloud. In the world where we give away more personal information than ever – through apps, online transactions, “Alexa” and other devices at our homes control of data becomes paramount. We are dealing with data every day, every minute in every transaction we engage with external world. Many companies struggle to keep data safe and transparent as well as away from hackers. SAP Customer Data Cloud (Gigya) is a customer identity management platform that helps companies build digital relationships with their customers. The platform allows to manage customer’s profile, preference, consent settings, while allowing customers being in control of their data at all times.

Pyxis is excited to embark on this new journey of becoming your trusted SAP Customer Data Cloud go-to partner.

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27 de December de 2018