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Sap customer experience migration to Microsoft Azure

4 de January de 2019


Solution: SAP in Azure

Industry: Consumer goods multinational

Location: United States and Europe

Initial situation: The project implies the maintenance of products and their marketing and multimedia information. It is an evolutionary project, with new features releases every month.

In this case, the need to migrate a traditional infrastructure provider to Microsoft Azure arises. The main problem we solved was the incrementation of the video and images management capacity, since the current provider was reaching its limit and was a threat to provoking interruptions in the productive environment.

Proposed solution:

The goal was to fix  the management issue in one time and forever. Within the range of Azure solutions we identified- in Azure Blob Storage- the best solution for managing an unlimited quantity of files, so the client can continue with its operative with no problem, and even increment the use according to the customers demands regarding multimedia contents (higher resolution images, 4K videos, etc).

The solution that Azure Blob Storage implies that the client is able to use SAP Customer Experience in the new Sap Cloud Platform, announced in the last Sapphire, the biggest SAP event and the partners that collaborate with the brand.

The previous infrastructure shutdown was made and the migration to Microsoft Azure was completed. Not only the production environment but also the development one as well as the Quality Assurance. Right now the client has the 100% of SAP Customer Experience on Azure.

Another improvement in the platform, that we suggested to the client, was the reduction of the production start times. Normally it is once per month, and it takes about 6 hours. Being in the cloud, we were able to improve these times, reducing 90 minutes the total time without having to implement bigger development tasks. Thanks to this, we were also able to get rid of the slow database backup process. We are currently investigating strategies to reduce that time even more and improve the system’s availability.

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4 de January de 2019