SAP Hybris Commerce networking breakfast

28 de August de 2017


Today we made new edition of our networking breakfasts about SAP Hybris. In this occasion, we presented the SAP Hybris Commerce solution.


From a world-class platform that allows the implementation of omnichannel commerce strategies quickly with the best practices and innovations in the industry:

·        To manage different types of B2B – B2C e-commerce and sell products through multiple distribution channels.

·        To manage the information of the products in a centralized way and distribute it through all the channels in a coherent and efficient way.

·        To impact emotionally on our customers and with relevant content.

SAP Hybris Commerce allows transactions at any time, place and devices thanks to the omnichannel versatility available. It is a vital tool for digital transformation.

Thank you very much for joining us this morning!

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28 de August de 2017