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SAP Hybris Product Content Management (PCM)

22 de August de 2017


by Alejandro Mateo, Director of Pyxis

Product Catalog and Content Management

Hybris PCM is an integral solution for the management of product information that allows to consolidate and centrally manage information and attributes in all channels, favoring a powerful multichannel trade management. 

In addition to facilitating the search of products by our consumers, in any of our channels, we are favoring the effectiveness of the marketing, brand image and SEO campaigns we carry out. 

Positioning suitable products in front of the right customers at the right moment, controlling the customer experience and centralizing the information are some of the great advantages offered by Hybris PCM.  

With PCM the management of catalogs is very simple. We can easily manage our catalog of online services and print catalog. 

Less Development Time

With PCM we can structure the information, categorize and classify it. That ensures a higher quality of data, making it easier to provide information in different channels and to different groups of users. 

 Hybris PCM also allows the import and integration of data in several ways, which implies great savings in project execution times. 

 It has also, a workflow functionality with which it is possible to perform business processes: create tasks, assign and track them.

10 key advantages of a PCM solution

  • Management of all structured and unstructured content in a single platform
  • Single view of data from all channels, systems and business lines 
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Customizable user interfaces for intuitive, process-oriented data management
  • Coordination of collaborative tasks with workflow functionality
  • Integrates content from various sources to offer a unique and comprehensive vision 
  • The normalization and validation of content reduces inaccurate and redundant information
  • Better storage, structuring and control of data, unstructured content and digital assets
  • Improved product descriptions with user-generated content
  • Consistent and improved product information to all channels and systems

Our experience working with SAP hybris

Since 2012, at Pyxis we work with SAP solutions for Marketing and Commerce. We have widely trained development teams that have executed large projects in countries such as Argentina, Peru, Mexico and the United States, among others. 

Taking advantage of the benefits Hybris PCM offers, we specialize in customizing platforms of those who trust us adapting them to their needs. 

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22 de August de 2017