26 de January de 2018


“2018 is the year of Hybris.” It was one of the main messages of the last PKOM of Sap for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, which took place on January 15 in Buenos Aires. The Partners Kick Off Meeting (PKOM) is the annual inter-partner development event “to strengthen global strategic planning and synergy,” points out Nicolás Scaglione, Commercial Manager of Pyxis and co-founder of Kinetix, who participated in PKOM.

Hybris was one of the main highlights of the event. Loreto Herrera, Regional Sales Specialist, presented Hybris as “the biggest market opportunity of Sap”. “It was a very energetic presentation that was based on strong numbers,” says Scaglione. Some of the numbers shared by Sap as an example: the email conversion rate improves by 40% with Hybris Marketing and the ROI provided by Hybris Commerce is at 307%.

When talking about trends, the event put the focus on Cloud and specialization, says Scaglione. In this context, one of the featured topics was Leonardo, Sap’s suite in the digital transformation of large organizations. Leonardo integrates a complete vision of the company in a single platform. It is based on the management and analysis of information in real time to solve problems with better collaboration between departments and companies.

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26 de January de 2018