SAP Recognized Expertise status for Hybris Commerce

3 de August de 2018


We have the SAP Recognized Expertise status for Hybris Commerce, which guarantees our quality proposal to the market. This recognition is given to partners who demonstrate qualified experience with an SAP solution and a proven track record of delivering successful value to customers.

“Receiving this distinction shows that SAP recognizes our experience in Hybris Commerce, giving our customers total confidence in the service we provide,” says Martín Machín, director of Pyxis.

Currently there are few companies that have this distinction. There are 29 partner organizations around the world that have a REx accreditation.

What is REx accreditation for?

The SAP REx program was created in 2012 to recognize SAP partners who had a combination of technical knowledge and project experience in a specific solution and / or industry. At that time the portfolio of products under the umbrella of SAP grew at a very fast pace and it was necessary for partners to accompany that pace adapting to new solutions in the cloud.

The need arose to be able to differentiate partners according to their area of ​​expertise. The requirements of the program establish that members must have a minimum of 3 certified consultants and 3 satisfied clients who have gone through a recent project implementation. “At Pyxis we comply with both requirements. We validate not only technical knowledge, but also how that knowledge is being applied to achieve a successful result. And the good references from our clients have undoubtedly helped us in this distinction too “, adds Martín.

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3 de August de 2018