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Technological Surveillance process


9 de November de 2020


At the end of e 2019, Pyxis Research presented Technological Surveillance (TS): a process to acquire new knowledge. We were interested in being able to monitor the state of the art in the development areas of our ecosystem. We established objectives, generated a work process and a task force represented by several Pyxis units to work on it.

What is the TS process?

The process is focused on the search, analysis, valuation and distribution of information and decision-making results.

To develop this process, we implemented surveys to learn about behaviors and practices of the teams to search for relevant technological information and keep up to date.
Among the main conclusions we found that there is a high preference to receive information through networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter, after attending webinars or watching videos.

Also, in social networks, we apply a more reactive mechanism to absorb information. Users, tags or lists with information of interest are being followed. We also consult specific blogs, attend courses and develop small concept POCs to validate new technologies.

Based on the surveys, we launched a virtual bot on Twitter as the first pilot tool to search, centralize and process the information to be published. This bot allows us to automate the TS process while sharing interest lists with sources recommended by our team members.


Thanks to this process, we are able to identify market opportunities, threats and learn about the latest technological advances and trends. These are fundamental inputs to make better planning and strategy decisions, both with the team and with solutions and positioning in the market.

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9 de November de 2020