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23 de September de 2020


Just a few weeks ago Channel 4 of Uruguay, second oldest TV channel in the country rolled out a noble initiative. They provided a WhatsApp number (+58 995 061 761) where citizens could call, in order to obtain information about basic services relating to food, shelter, healthcare and so on. More importantly, people could request to be connected to the Counsellors for a free consultation with one of the counselors from Casa Grande (famous School in Uruguay), where counselors offer their services on a volunteer basis during Covid-19.

Within hours of advertising the WhatsApp line on the national TV, it got flooded with messages that were originally handled manually by the personnel of Telenoche and it became obvious very quickly, that this cannot be scaled. People were reaching out for variety of issues – hunger, depression, isolation, lack of information on where to obtain food, unemployment and many others.

Within 2 weeks Pyxis together with IDATHA (one of our ecosystem companies focused on Machine Learning) automated the solution where a chatbot was introduced, starting to direct all queries, hence eliminating all manual work. Today, thanks to the automation and the ChatBot of Pyxis/IDATHA over 1,000 messages are being received and answered daily.

This wouldn’t be possible without collaboration of all the following parties:

Channel 4 – advertising the line
Counselors – offering their services free of charge
Pyxis/IDATHA – automating a solution within days on a volunteer basis
What does it take to make it happen ?

All it takes is those who are passionate, innovative and creative to come together. This initiative is easy and scalable and can be replicated for any industry, country or area.

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23 de September de 2020