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23 de September de 2020


Pyxis and SAP Cloud Marketing

Several years ago, shortly after SAP rolled out its Cloud Marketing, we decided to experiment with it. Learning just the tool is never enough. You always need to combine it with additional skills, products and expertise to offer a truly unique value.

In our case that was our knowledge and understanding Big Data, Machine Learning and Social BI, words widely used these days but rarely truly understood.

Thus the Pyxis’s journey of SAP Cloud Marketing began.

Over the past several years we learned together with our customers and understood their pain-points better. Some very common ones are:

I don’t fully understand the behavior of my customers
My marketing team cannot count on the help of IT department
I don’t have enough in-house capabilities to run complex campaigns
Customer experience is impaired by poor understanding of customer preferences
It hasn’t been long since we started, but today our customers are major brands from around the world, trusting us to take them and their customers to the next level.

We combine SAP Cloud Marketing with our products and experience thus offering customers bundle products:

Cloud Marketing + Pyxis Chatbot to engage better with your customers via additional channels
Cloud Marketing + Social Media Analytics to hear every voice of your customer
Cloud Marketing + Pyxis Dashboard to offer your customers a simple way to understand complex data.

All of the above is designed to answer 3 simple questions:

Which consumers make the best customers?
How do we win these customers?
How do we retain these customers?
How can you work with us:

Our journey will start together with your marketing team where we will work to understand your data, define how much you know your “customer”. Afterwards we will develop a plan for new personalized conversations for your customers delivered via marketing campaigns, Pyxis Chatbot conversations available via various channels and a lot more.

Our understanding of big data combined with your knowledge of the business and vision will be setting the stage for success.

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23 de September de 2020