The mission to China in retrospect

22 de February de 2018


Between February 1 and 6 we joined the trade mission to China organized by Cuti and the Ministry of Industry and Energy. We traveled together with a delegation of more than 45 people from the ICT industry in Uruguay, joined by Diego Sastre and Ignacio Duarte, members of the Pyxis board of directors. The main objective was to promote cooperation and investments in the sector.

From Pyxis, our CEO Diego Sastre valued the mission in a very positive way. “China’s interest in opening up and connecting to the western world could be seen very clearly, which presents us with a huge world of possibilities and opportunities. To that is added a very good harmony between governments, a very important element for the Chinese business culture “.

Pyxis in particular proposed a very specific objective: to know the people and the Chinese culture, to evaluate possible alliances and collaborative work in the future. In that sense, Sastre emphasizes that China shares many of the challenges facing the industry in Latam. Therefore, he understands that “you can add value to your production, especially in what has to do with the interaction with the West.”

On the other hand, understands that it will be essential to overcome some difficulties such as time difference, distance and language barrier, strong points to overcome to advance collaboration and to exploit these opportunities.

On the other hand, the trip was an excellent opportunity to share quality time with authorities from different institutions, state agencies and other partners in Uruguay. “This aspect is the high point of all the missions organized by Cuti in which I participated and the trip to China was no exception. I think it’s very valuable that government, education and companies have come together to carry out this exploration. Only very united and coordinated can we overcome the challenges presented by an ICT market such as China, “says Sastre.

The mission is particularly important in a market such as China, where the employer strongly values ​​the government’s guarantee against foreign companies.

And the work continues …

From the trip, Pyxis had the opportunity to understand the margin that exists to foster alliances with Chinese companies as business partners. In that sense, he understands that it is a complex task, with many challenges to face. “In the particular case of Pyxis, the fact of having a partnership with SAP can facilitate us in the task and in fact some collaborative actions started in the mission,” he concludes.

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22 de February de 2018