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The stories behind the first generation of +50 students


15 de July de 2019


On monday the 13th of may we officially launched our +50 program, a project that seeks to re-incorporate people above 45 years old to the technology sector, who, for different reasons, were left out of it. They are part of a generation that has a lot to contribute to an area that is now mostly millennial.

10 people with  different profiles are participating on this first edition of the program, which will last until the end of august. We invite you to read Adriana, Carlos and Leonardo’s stories, where they talk about their expectations towards the program and how their first experience is going so far.

Adriana is 56 years old and she specialized in the programming area. She worked in several projects and companies until the crisis of 2002 came and she was dismissed because of budget cuts.

“Technology moves very fast, and if you didn’t have the chance to adjust yourself while being an adult, you’re left behind”, she stands. After many unsuccessful attempts to go back to the technology sector,  Adriana worked in multiple jobs, all distant to her vocation. She worked as a cook and now takes care of elderly people, with the hope of going back to programming one day. “I heard about +50 by pure chance, a neighbor who told me. And I managed to apply on the last day of the call. They answered right away. I remember arriving at the first class terrified! I was afraid of not being able to do it. And now I am happy, very happy. The program is exceeding my expectations. The fact of having the opportunity to come back makes me feel so good. I always try to teach my kids that you can always do what you love, it’s never late”.

Carlos is 46 years old and in 2002 decided to start, together with his wife, a videogames blog, and his incomes came from ads. With Facebook arrival in 2008, the advertising world totally changed and, therefore, the business itself changed. They couldn’t catch up and had to close their business.

“I looked for other jobs, but couldn’t compete with younger people”, he explained. He ended up working on sales for a painting store, where he still remains. “I heard about +50 on april, during the bIT program meeting, another project I am part of. There I was told about about it and didn’t hesitate: I sent my resume in right away”.

Leonardo is 43 years old. He worked in the testing field until 2000. Back then he decided to study journalism, another passion of his, but later on, it was impossible to go back to the testing area. “It is a reality, companies usually bet on younger people”.

“+50 is a new space, auspicious, to turn it into an opportunity, a possibility”, he highlights, and tells how grateful he is for his program- mates. “I can’t just talk about one, because all of them are great. We even have a group chat called ‘Happy testers’, where we help each other and share information”.

Leo highly recommends the program, and he is sure that his generation has a lot to give. “It is like a soccer team, where you have older people with experience and young ones: there you got a winning team”.


Inside + 50

The program has a duration of 16 weeks and it is mostly online, although it has weekly conventional classes with a teacher named Pilar Albecete, where they meet to discuss online classes and the concepts they’re working on. “The most interesting part is that, since we are all +50 (myself included), we share experiences and situations we have been through in our jobs. We try to come up with ideas of how to solve them nowadays. I am very happy to be a part of this. It is a highly motivated team. They all love to share experiences and everyone’s eager to learn”, Pilar says.

On the program’s next stage, they will learn about soft skills, since the goal is for them not only to learn about testing, but to also acquire soft skills and tools to help them in the search for new opportunities (resumé, creating online resumés, interviews, etc).

“We decided to focus on Testing because it has the peculiarity of adding value and incorporate people to the market very quickly. This area doesn’t require mastering all aspects of technology, but understanding businesses and processes flows”, explains Pilar, who is also QE lead at Abstracta.

Natalia Martínez, human resources responsible explains how Pyxis bets on “the bond with other organizations and companies so that they join the project and want to incorporate candidates and trained people”.

Pilar adds that “we seek the different possibilities they have to incorporate to the testing community through invitations to different events, such as TestingUY and Nahual MeetUps, among others”.

Although this is the first +50 edition with limited places, we want to remind everyone who is interested in the training that the workshop is also dictated in Abstracta, a referent institution in the testing area, where anyone can participate through online classes.  More info here.

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15 de July de 2019