The World Is One Big Data

11 de December de 2019



Several months ago University of Montevideo (UM), Pyxis, IDATHA  and SAP Next-Gen launched a joint initiative to educate a group of students from various Uruguayan universities in Data Science.

Data Science has been a hot topic over the course of several years,  and it is gaining more importance as data scientists work hand in hand with business stakeholders to understand their goals, design predictive models, understand customer behavior and a lot more. There are critical every-day problems that Data Science helps to resolve and this is what the course focused on.

So 20 Students, chosen from various universities  tried to figure out how to help their communities with the use of Data Science skills. They choose some every-day issues in their projects:

-Sanitary inspections in restaurants in NYC

-Impact of CO2 emissions in life expectancy

-Analysis of the incidents captured by  traffic radars and their effect on fatal accidents in Uruguay.

Those and many other problems that touch us every day, can be now addressed with the help of Data Science.

To ensure knowledge learned during few weeks is further enhanced, some of the students are awarded a 6-month internship with Idatha, one of the companies in Pyxis’s ecosystem.

Data Science and AI is being widely in Uruguay’s soccer world as well. Club Nacional de Football applies AI in many of their activities and operations both with players and club members. Representatives from the soccer clubs joined this initiative to share their own experience.

Reach out if you would like to learn more how we execute those projects and about success happens when students, Universities, SAP, private companies and data scientists come together.

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11 de December de 2019