We participated in Sap Hybris Live: Global Summit Barcelona

23 de November de 2017


Alejandro Dupont and Guillermo Polito traveled to Barcelona to participate in SAP Hybris LIVE: Global Summit, from October 17 to the 19th. 

The event is an annual meeting organized by SAP that brings together managers, customers, partners, experts and IT professionals from around the world. It aims to analyze the current universe of available data and its role in the revolution of customer experience. In this instance, there were sessions related to the application of AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and microservices, among other topics. 

“Technically it gave me a lot. I had the opportunity to meet the engineers who make the products we use, tell them about our experience and do networking,” said Polito. “From the commercial point of view, this event is an excellent opportunity to meet potential customers and the SAP teams that are usually brought to us by customers. In the same place, you can contact people from different regions, see what they are doing and what are the potential businesses that may arise in the future,” added Dupont. 

 Arvato and FEMSA, companies with which we work with, through various projects, also exhibited during the meeting. We could interact and strengthen the relationship much more. 

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23 de November de 2017